What’s New in In AWE



Hello everyone,

Hope all have been working from home and are safe with the family. We at In AWE used this time to introspect in every which way.

What’s new?

First of all we gave a new look to our online portal. It is now an easy to read and dynamic theme with added categories.

  • Our mission and vision of ‘Let Our Children Inherit Nature’ required a holistic approach to complete sustainable life cycle. Hence the idea to add Lifestyle/Fashion to our otherwise buildings related menu.
  • We have also added Guest blog and starting now we will have a weekly blog
  • We welcome submissions of projects, art, design, write-ups to publish and share with our readers.
  • In our Lifestyle/Fashion category we will be showcasing brands that are engaging karigars to produce sustainable products or are working to revive the lost skills by empowering and engaging them. One such brand is Nirmalya that has a dedicated place to post their products.

What’s new, in city planning and building design now?

Second, we pondered over the whole story of pandemic from start to never ending situation, in terms of urban planning to buildings design to human behavior. Where things went wrong and what is the future of urban design? Every situation brings out a suitable solution, same happened in the locked down situation- conferences converted to Webinars. And with that there was an endless streaming of webinars on opinions for way forward.

There were many outcomes from all the above that we will share separately under specific headings, a new addition of Webinars . Let us hear from you as well on your opinion on any experience during this period.

Till next time, take care and stay safe!


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