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Guest Post for In AWE!

If you’d like to write a guest post for In AWE there are a few things to consider:
1. We only accept guest posts from people not on behalf of businesses. 
2. You need to have something unique, informative to offer our readers
3. Your post must be from personal experience 
4. Your post must be inspiring or doable Readers must either feel inspired, or know what they need to do and have the tools to get it done.
5. Your post must be original. You will not be permitted to re-publish the post on your site (or on any other site).
6. You should be a Sustainability champion and know why your idea(s) will benefit our readers.
7. You must be willing for the content to be re-used by us in any way we see fit. We will have the right to publish, edit and reproduce your post in any format as we see fit (always attributed to you), as well as produce derivative works (not necessarily attributed to you).
8. You will be expected to respond to comments when your post is published. This is a big deal for me, so if you’re not into commenting, please don’t submit an application.

If you’re interested, please complete the following form:

    Please note that you must submit guest post applications via the above form. We don’t consider applications that are submitted directly via email.

    Style Guide

    If your outline has been accepted, please adhere to the following editorial guidelines when
    writing and editing your post:

    •  Please submit the article as a text file.
    •  We don’t mind how long (or short) your article is, so long as it is well written, concise and has a clear message.
    •  Please use American English spelling (unless otherwise instructed).
    •  The headline should be engaging and inspiring.
    • Write headlines and sub-headers in title case.
    • Write using short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. Keep it simple!
    • Your writing style should be direct, yet conversational and personable.
    • Unless otherwise instructed, articles should be broken up regularly by graphical elements(i.e. sub-headers/lists/blockquotes, etc.).
    • Links should be set to open in new tabs.
    • Please do not use ALL CAPS, bold, italics (with noted exceptions) or underlining (except
      with links of course!).
    •  Please carefully check your piece for any errors in punctuation, grammar and/or spelling before submitting

    It is important that you adhere to the above guidelines. If you do not, we are likely to reject
    your post.