Social Responsibility Development Project



Social Responsibility goes a long way in actually being practiced but here we have details of a development project undertaken by alumni of FMS,University of Delhi.The common thread linking the contributors was Faculty of Management Studies ( 1979-81), Delhi University, so they are all Management students….There were 27 of them who contributed and they include Ambassadors, World Bank Consultants, Financial & Educational consultants, Professors in renowned universities, promoters of businesses, some Heads of Indian Corporates etc…many now after about 40 years of a hectic work life have associated ourselves with birthing and/or building non-profits in various fields & countries…

With the support from Batch 1979-81 of Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, PHD Rural Development Foundation has worked as part of social responsibilty development project like this to provide quality education, water and sanitation to children of neglected government schools in rural community.

The second phase work, in government school in Sirsodi, started with the motive to provide students an open playground, Swings to play, refurbishment of one classroom and providing school building a distinguished identity with refurbishment of its main gate. Work under this phase has been started in the month of December 2019 and
completed in January 2020. In the previous phase, toilet refurbishment, construction of
drinking water station, refurbishment of mid-day meal/kitchen area, whitewash of school
building and education wall art in classrooms were done.
PHD Rural Development Foundation (PHDRDF) has worked with several partners to
provide quality education, water and sanitation to children of neglected government schools in rural communities. These interventions have led to reforming the environment of schools and making it conducive for learning. A clean/healthy environment in school and better teaching facilities motivates both the teachers and students to perform better.

To ensure that children irrespective of their gender, class and caste have access to quality
Education, healthcare and meaningful learning environment in schools
Upgrade the Infrastructure facilities within the school premises to make the
school and
Aadarsh School with an environment conducive to education & learning
2ND Phase Development Report
In broad, total 4 activities were taken under this project. I.e. Ground Leveling and
Refurbishment, Installation of slide and See-Saw, Refurbishment of Main Gate, Repair and
Refurbishment of one Class room.
Ground Leveling and Refurbishment
AS the school is located at the foothill of Aravali, therefore the ground of the school was in
slope and uneven. Hence it was an open area but unusable for the school children for
assembly, playing or other activities. School children always required a ground to be
physically fit. Moreover, during rains, lot of water comes from the hills at the backside of
school which convert the school ground into a small seasonal river.
To address the problem, this ground has been partitioned into two portions, i.e. upper and
lower. With this, the pre-existing slop has been converted to a parallel ground. Initially, the
soil has been leveled with the help of JCB and more soil filled to raise the level and cover the
rocks coming out in the ground. To prevent the soil sliding down from the upper level a 14”
retaining wall has been constructed with stairs from two sides to give passage from lower to
upper portion of ground. To give passage to the water from the hill a shallow drain
(considering the safety of children) from the back wall of school to the outside of the gate has
been constructed. Now the children are able to assemble and play in the ground.
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