Rina’s Random Revit-isms #2



Rina’s Random Revit-isms #2

Revit 2021 – These are a few of my favorite things

The New and Wonderful Revit 2021 – These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

This is a series of Revit tips and war stories inspired by my daily experiences working with the software

 Last year, at AU2019, members of the #ExpertElite community was invited to preview new features that were being planned for Autodesk software. It’s such a thrill to see the features that our group had previewed come to fruition in the latest release of Revit.

For me, the biggest, most useful, and exciting highlights are

1) You will be welcomed to Revit the first time you log in! How very polite! Actually, Revit will ask you a few questions to customize a user interface suitable to your needs.

See the Screencast for more information  –


2) The ability to add slanted walls – YES!! Just the preview we’d got during AU2019 was thrilling enough – now I’m super-duper thrilled to sharpen my teeth on the much awaited feature!

Curved walls are included in the ability to have slanted walls and curtain walls integrate with these features as well.

Note – tapered walls are on the Revit Road Map for further development……

See the Screencast for more information  –


3) What about Doors and WIndows in the slanted wall? They can be aligned to fit in with the slanted wall! The Orientation parameter shown in the Screenshot gives you the option for vertical Windows and Door, or to align them to the slanted wall.

See the Screencast for more information  –


4) A small, but mighty change – default linestyles are put into parentheses in the drop down….

What we see in Revit  2020

What we see in Revit 2021

1) Better, easier, and faster Real time Realistic views

In previous versions of Revit, realistic visual style applied material appearances to the elements in your model. This is what a realistic view would look like in Revit 2020

In 2021, real-time realistic views apply material appearances and lighting effects to the view as you move through the model. You can set the visual style to “realistic” rather than wait to render.

This is a great tool for presentations, allowing you to walk project stakeholders through your design in real time. Realistic views can also be used in plans and elevations to give a greater sense of realism and material quality in your presentations.

2) The ability to stripe Revit schedules on the sheet

Instead of seeing a schedule that looks like this on the sheet –

You can see a schedule on the sheet that looks like this

To do this – select the schedule on the sheet and go into the Schedule editing view.

3) PDF, Coordination Model, and Raster linking

An item that was SO high on the wish list! No longer do you need to insert PDFs into DWGs or import them to bring them into Revit.

Manage >> Manage Links

These tools have also been added to the Insert tab

Link Coordination Model now gives us the capability to link models from Navisworks.

Are you intrigued? Excited? After reading all this – are you at all surprised that I am going around, singing “….and these are a few of my favorite things….”?

For more information about everything new in Revit 2021 (including enhancements for Structural and MEP), please  take a look at the Release Notes at this location –


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Post By- Rina Sahay

About the Author-

Rina Sahay received her B.Arch. from Chandigarh College of Architecture, and her M.Arch. from the University of Michigan. She is an Autodesk Expert Elite Team member and a Revit Certified Professional. As the Architectural BIM Manager for Fishbeck, she is responsible for creating and maintaining BIM standards; project support and troubleshooting; training and onboarding; and production of construction documents for a variety of projects. Other hats that she wears are teaching Revit and Architecture at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, regularly judging the Skills USA State Architectural Drafting competition; and currently serving as the Chair of the Kent Career Technical Center Advisory Board.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]