Design Stories:-When Aesthetics Of Nature Met Functionality Of Technology


This story began in Bengaluru in a store of Ezhomz where technology & nature acted harmoniously to elevate the customer’s experience and create a positive impact on their purchase behavior.

I was already intrigued to visit the store since I had to buy some home automation products for my upcoming residence in Bengaluru itself. As I walked towards the door to grasp the knob, Simon opened it instead. Let me introduce Simon first, he is the brand manager for Ezhomz. He appeared to blink a smile at us as we walked into the cozy yet lively atmosphere of the store, achieved through the use of warm, neutral, and natural colors that resembled nature.

It is designed to integrate the amalgamation of the ethos of technology to stimulate the sensory experiences in the surrounding, which pumped in endorphins and made me happy. It aimed to share the sturdy message that technology is something to be experienced, and not necessarily seen as all the products and equipment were skillfully ‘hidden’ from the casual glance.

Partitions of Metal Mesh

We were told to head towards the living room to have a look at the in-store television sets which spawned out only when desired and immaculately meshed with the wall.

Conference Room
Conference Room
Living Room With Rustic Interiors
Mesh partition along with automated bar

At that very moment, it became clear that I wanted this experience in my home. Whether it’s the magic of the design or the products, it seemed fulfilling to me and my heart. Those colors and textures lent a rustic touch to the contemporary environment, making me feel like I’m in nature.


Kapil Razdan, the lead architect and designer of Arquite, has created many stunning designs that push the limits of structure and stimulation. His experience in the corporate creative fields of Reebok and Wizcraft has fueled this drive. Kapil is primarily responsible for the early-phase design concepts and planning, which include a focus on sustainable design solutions.

Kapil Razdan


Ar. Kritika Juneja

Design stories are an initiative by Arch Valor where we collect stories behind various unique projects as stories are the simplest form of narrative. Since not everyone can understand your complex design schematics, stories are the right way to reach the public.