Architectural Teaching in Post Pandemic times


Architectural Teaching in Post Pandemic times

Hello everyone,

During the time of Pandemic, besides other things, some very important outcomes have been:

  • Work from home
  • Learn at home
  • Webinars

Where work from home has seen greater productivity due to saving on travel time ,Webinars have been panel discussions without the need of sponsors, advertisements and hosting costs. Learning has been virtual and perhaps is going to be like this for sometime. How is Architectural Teaching going to be in post pandemic times!

What’s New

In AWE is coming up with a series of lectures on different subjects in Architectural Education. We have a new Page In AWE Design Hub. This is a platform for Architects-students, young graduates and faculty to post video lectures.


Learning and teaching in professional education, at times needs interaction and discussions. Architecture Design studios have the advantage of  one on one discussions. But, there are other theory subjects, that can be read with illustrations such as Theory of Design, History of Architecture, and many more.

We are working on a model of co-learning and co-developing of information and knowledge. We aim at bringing subjects through videos, audios and webinars.  As we start, each week we will have for you, a new subject, taught through videos/PDF/audio recordings.

Lessons of this week

  • Understanding and Appreciating Architecture, a PDF lecture on Theory Of Design, by  the renowned  architect Dr S.S Bhatti (an alumnus of Sir J.J College of Architecture in Bombay,1955-60). He took over the reins of Chandigarh College of Architecture in April 1982. His first doctorate was on “CHANDIGARH and the Context of Le Corbusier’s ‘Statute of Land’: A Study of Plan, Action, and Reality” in 1991
  • Learn about The New and Wonderful Revit 2021 in Rina’s Revit-isms #2             Rina Sahay received her B.Arch. from Chandigarh College of Architecture, and her M.Arch. from the University of Michigan. She is an Autodesk Expert Elite Team member and a Revit Certified Professional. As the Architectural BIM Manager for Fishbeck, she is responsible for creating and maintaining BIM standards

We will be happy to have more Faculty on board, so in case this interests you, do

contact us or mail us on

Till next time, take care and stay safe!

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