What to Know About Vegan Sneakers


(Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-nike-shoes-1598505/)

Have you ever wondered what exactly vegan sneakers or sustainable sneakers are made of and how they’re different from other shoes?

We’ll give you a rundown.

What Are Vegan Shoes Made From?

Vegan shoes are free from products that include animals at all in any step of the process. For example, vegan shoes are not made from leather, fur or suede. For a shoe to be vegan, no ingredient derived from animals is ultimately in the product.

So if they’re not made from traditional products, what are vegan and sustainable sneakers made from?

It depends, but there are a lot of options. Vegan shoes can be made from plant-based materials and synthetic materials like eco-friendly rubber. Other materials that work well for vegan shoe design include cotton, faux suede, canvas, cork, polyester and satin.

The materials used to create vegan shoes have come a long way, and it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference. In fact, it might be completely impossible.

Some brands, like Cariuma, use bamboo and feature a sugarcane outsole. Sugarcane is renewable. The memory foam insole is made from recyclable cork and organic mamona oil. The shoelaces and logo labels are also made from recycled plastic.

The result?

All of our sustainable and vegan sneakers are lightweight, extremely comfortable to wear, and even machine washable.

Are Vegan Shoes Eco-Friendly?

In general, vegan materials are more eco-friendly than those items made from animals, and especially when the materials used are recycled and sustainably produced.

There’s an inherent idea of damage that comes with using animal products in shoes and fashion. This is not unfounded. It contributes to a loss of biodiversity, pollution, and land devastation. There’s also a lot of pollution that comes from leather tanneries, and it’s harmful to animals, the local environment and the people who live and work in the area.

When you’re looking for eco-friendly shoes that support your beliefs, remember to not just consider vegan materials but also materials that are recycled and final products that are produced in an ethical and mindful way. The production process should be respectful of not just the environment but the people working to create the shoes.

Luckily, vegan shoes are a long-term investment. The materials are incredibly high-quality, so when you buy a pair of eco-friendly shoes, they’re something you can wear for years to come.