Rina’s Random Revit-isms #9


Rina’s Random Revit-isms #9

This is a series of Revit tips and war stories inspired by my daily experiences working with the software

Revit 2021.1 – What’s New, Doc?

Part 2

Here’s more of the cartoon – fantasy movie type of mood. Let’s see more aspects of the new Revit 2021.1! Now let’s take a look at some of the enhancements made to Collaboration…..

  • Upgrading Revit Cloud Models to Revit 2021 – has been added to the existing options for 2019 and 2020!
  1. log into BIM360
  2. go to Document Management
  3. select the project that needs to be upgraded
  4. go to Project Admin >> Services >> Revit Cloud Model Upgrade

There you will see a list of Revit versions that your model can be upgraded to – including now Revit 2021See the AutoDesk blog For a complete overview of the enhancements for all disciplines

Remember – this procedure will work for you only if you have Project Administrator privileges

This will also offer the option for a Test Upgrade to confirm the status of the Project models. BIM360 will evaluate all the models in the Project and email you a report without upgrading the models

You can then log into BIM360 to see the detailed report and make the final decision to upgrade the model or not, and if any prescriptive measures need to be taken to address any issues called out in the report.

Did you know – Projects with

            Too many warnings

            Imported DWGs

            Corrupt families

            can cause similar issues?

  • Deploy what you want in a quicker Deployment procedure with a much faster installer than there was for Revit 2021! Obviously, my IT colleagues are delighted about this.

More information can be found here


See the AutoDesk blog For a complete overview of the enhancements for all disciplines


Stay safe and healthy! Keep Revit-ing till my next Revit-ism, then!

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