Rina’s Random Revit-isms # 5


To Do You REALLY Want To Edit This Family??

It happens to the best of us. We get annoyed because there is a family loaded into our Project, but we want something a leeetle different – and we need to hit the Edit Family button to open the Family, tweak it, maybe create a new Type, to accomplish what it is that we need. Door Families are the most common example.

You don’t need to be scared of tweaking families in your Project to make adjustments and / or create and modify types. If the adjustments do not involve tweaks to actual geometry, you can easily adjust family parameters with Type Properties from the Project Browser.

Follow these steps to –

  • Create new Types
  • Rename existing Types
  • Adjust dimensions
  • Switch Materials
  • Adjust Family Type parameters

  1. In the Project Browser – scroll to locate the desired Family
  2. Expand the Family to see its Types
  3. Right click on a Type
  4. You will see a menu
  5. To create a new Type – select Duplicate
  6. To rename an existing Type – select Rename
  7. To see if the Type has any instances placed in the Project – select Select All Instances.

Note – Select All Instances offers the options to select the instances in the view, or in the entire Project. You will see the number of instances at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Tip – I like to do this to screen for unplaced family types in the Project, or to select instances to switch over to a different Family or Type. This helps in clean up through a selective Purge towards the end of the Project.

Don’t forget – Lite Lite Baby!

  • To edit the Type – select Type Properties.

In this dialog box you can

Edit Dimensions

Swap Materials

Swap Families (if there is a Family Type parameter in the Family)

Note – You are editing things like Dimensions and Materials without needing to open the Family! How cool is that!

 Tip – see the little grey buttons to the right of each parameter? Click on them to associate the parameter with a Global Parameter! That will allow you to control multiple families globally over the Project. So you can set all Doors in the Project to have the same width…. without needing to edit multiple Door families.

For further information, please see this explanatory  Screencast

Stay safe and healthy! Till my next Revit-ism, then!!

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