#PredictingTheUnpredictable- Watch the webinar on BIM & Revit for a Sustainable Future




      BIM And Revit For Sustainable Future

   In Conversation Rina Sahay, Viveka Devadas and Farhaad Khan


2nd February,2021

After a brief introduction by moderator Dipika Tuteja, Founder In AWE, the session commenced with Rina Sahay, Architectural BIM Manager at Fishbeck. She hit the trail by talking about the sustainable practices which could be enhanced by using BIM. The discussion revolved around how BIM 360 has made our lives much easier during the lockdown while working from home than the conventional methods with an increase in efficient modelling practice. She also talked about how larger extent of collaboration with different firms leads to different outputs for the client and the contractor, thus creating a problem, whereas BIM 360 ensures that compatibility between the project teams.

The discussion passed on to Viveka Devadas, Sr. Technical Specialist AEC/VR Autodesk Architecture where she talked about Green Building Design and how can we improve sustainable outcomes through Revit and BIM 360.She also explained how energy analysis and daylighting plays a crucial role while designing a sustainable building and also how Revit could be a tool for it. The discussion also peeped into the benefits of reducing material and energy use throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. She also talked about the environmental, economic and social impact a building is going to have and also emphasized towards going green.

The discussion was carried ahead with Farhaad Khan, BIM Evangelist, Architecture Capricot technologies. He talked about how BIM has contributed to the GDP value-add per employee in US by increasing the construction productivity by neither compromising on the quality nor the aesthetics and eliminating all the errors beforehand.

He also explained how BIM has been designed to simplify the life of an architect by letting him focus on design rather than documentation as compared to the traditional design workflow and also emphasized on the fact that sustainability lies in the operational cost of the building rather than design and manufacturing cost.

The whole discussion concluded with the fact that BIM has become our smart guiding assistant in creating the buildings by allowing us to do various analysis and automated documentation beforehand both saving time and cost. The advantage of software was summed up in a one liner by the host Dipika Tuteja as #PredictingTheUnpredictable!

 By Kritika Juneja, Architect,

Founder Arch Valor