Introduction to ArCom Series- Architect’s Communication Skills



Concept and Background

  • Architecture is a unique profession that combines creativity, science and technology along with business elements of delivery, team leadership and quality assurance.
  • However, the reality for architects and designers is that they often experience a feeling of being unsure or uncertain, due to lack of confidence, as there is a gap between the curriculum and practice.
  • This may stem from communication skills or many other issues as doubtful of technical knowledge. This gap affects the overall confidence that results in low self-esteem and lack of employment
  • Outstanding design skills are a given. But soft skills like confident decision-making, assertiveness in meetings, being able to delegate and manage time effectively are all skills that are essential to have coaching sessions help your teams develop these soft skills,
  • We have designed a workshop Aimed at students & working architects, those who are newly promoted or are seeking promotion, and team members who have particular skills that need refining, for an entry into a professional practice covering all aspects required to see a project through.
  • Each ArCom session is an opportunity for personal and professional development through a series of discussions, strategic thinking and practical activities.

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