In AWE Interacts with Architects in New Territories




Tanya Khanna

Tanya is an architect with over 15 years of global experience in Corporate Communications and Strategy within architecture, design, real estate and media domain. She has professional experience in marketing and communications, business development, architectural research and design with a special focus on positioning and developing tailored, strategic PR and Business Development approaches within a design practice. Bringing together technical know-how, an innovative insight, and a pragmatic approach founded on industry experience, Tanya offers strategic communication expertise through Epistle Communications.

Deepika Gandhi

Deepika Gandhi is an Associate Professor, Chandigarh College of Architecture and is holding the charge of Director, Le Corbusier Centre, Chandigarh Architecture Museum and Jeanneret Museum as well. She was a part of the team that prepared the Dossier for the transnational serial nomination for World Heritage for the Capitol Complex, Chandigarh and has been actively working on the promotion of Chandigarh’s heritage.
She has co-authored the book “Sukhna, Sublime Lake of Chandigarh” and co-edited the book “Le Corbusier rediscovered-Chandigarh and beyond” besides creating booklets for heritage sensitization for schools in Chandigarh.
She has supervised and completed the restoration of Jeanneret house (and curated the museum on Pierre Jeanneret), Le Corbusier Centre and its Canteen block and recently established the Sukhna Gallery the pump house at Sukhna Lake.

Anish Rakheja

Anish Rakheja or ‘Coach Anish’ as he is fondly called worked in the corporate world for almost two decades before finding his true calling in the area of Executive Coaching and Career Mentoring. An alumnus of IIT Roorkee (B.Arch),  and an eternal student of Astrology, Anish firmly believes that the answers to all our life questions lie inside us. A sought after Life and Spiritual Coach, Anish endeavours to help people discover the powerful end state energy and experience the blissful potential by being aware of their inner beingness. His program “Back to the Roots” is specially designed for the young entrepreneurs andstart-ups to coach them to connect with their supreme excellence for enhanced and mindful decision making. Anish is also the creator of the “NDP Framework” which combines the finding of Vedic Astrology, Psychometric Assessment and Perceived Interest of an individual for a personalized and comprehensive career mentoring.

Jessy Jacob

Founder of Fit the Soul, she is an architect turned wellness coach. She is trained and certified both as an architect and wellness coach. She helps people through wellness, fitness and general empowerment. Through her work with corporates, she is leading the initiative to help women improve their work-life balance while also achieving their personal and professional goals. As she continues to expand the reach of her leadership and wellness coaching, she has become the very epitome of a Social Leader. She won the nomination last year for the Future Women Leader of the year award.