Security Watch India (SWI) Successfully Concludes the Two-City Conference on the Challenges and Good Practices on Managing Water for Smart Cities.



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In continuation with the Smart Cities initiative, Security Watch India (SWI) organised a two-day conference on “Water Management for Smart Cities” on 15th February, 2016 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and 17th February, 2016 at World Trade Centre, Mumbai. The conference highlighted the challenges and good practices on managing water for smart cities.

The event was inaugurated by General JJ Singh, former, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh and the Chairman of SWI. He brought focus on issues like, sewage water flowing untreated in India and how we should switch to modern sewage practices like that of Israel and Singapore.

The eminent speakers at the Delhi session were, H.E. Tomasz Kozlowski, Ambassador of EU, who stressed on streamlining the action to Indo-European Water Partnership to cover all the dimension of water challenges faced today. Mr. Udit Raj, MP, Lok Sabha emphasised on the initiatives taken by the government on better water management techniques. Mr. Keshav Chandra, the CEO of Delhi Jal Board threw light upon objectives like ‘equitable, safe and environmental friendly 24*7 water supply and how income should not be the defining criteria for water availability.’

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Some of the key note speakers in Mumbai session included, Mr. Rajendra Singh, Chairman, Tarun Bharat Sangh and also known as the “Waterman of India”, who focused on how extracting the maximum from natural resources is a disastrous catastrophe and respecting and restoration of nature has to be the most important step. Mr. Ajoy Mehta, IAS, Commissioner, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), during his address stated that, “we must start looking at innovations that saves water and not neglect the water use efficiency”.

The session ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Maroof Raza, Mentor to SWI.

During the conference, discussions were held on several topics of interest and relevance with eminent panelists and speakers from municipal corporations, government, heads of various departments from urban local bodies, senior city planners and policy makers from around all the major Indian cities.

The main agenda of the conference was to discuss the following issues:

  • Challenges of water utilities – sustainable, clean and safe distribution of water
  • Distribution monitoring systems and Preventive maintenance
  • Demand Driven Distribution – Smart Water Meters
  • Water Regulations in India
  • Challenges of waste water management in the cities?
  • Sewage Treatment technologies
  • Treatment of Hazardous, Industrial and medical waste.
  • Latest technologies for water treatment: Plasma Machines etc.
  • Storm water management and city drainage system

The conference not only brought together different stakeholders in water infrastructure management, urban planners, water service providers, government agencies, regulators but also a trade delegation from British Water to share their experience on an international platform. Furthermore, the event also got representatives from private sectors in water management like JanaJal and 3S Foundation.



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