A Tale of Fluidity, Technology and Emotion


Designed to offer a motorcycle lifestyle to adults with an expression of both urban and modern trends, Honda Bigwing follows a line of retail stores with over 100 branches across the country, making it a major contributor to the biking industry. 

The Noida-based firm, Arquite, has taken the RACING DNA and “FLUIDITY” of Honda as inspiration, capturing the motion and transforming it into visual form.  To stimulate the visitor’s imagination, motorcycles were displayed as if they were being ridden on the road.

The seamless story path provides prospects with a quality experience from the moment the visitor enters to the moment they leave.

Taking advantage of the corner façade, the bike display has been oriented to improve visual connection and aspirational value. White clean circulation space increases the length of corridors, giving the visitors a sense of fluidity.

Negative spaces are adapted to serve as interesting discussion areas with clear views of the display areas. The natural curve of the site is maintained which blends with the interiors.

The mezzanine floor was a natural outcome of the fluid design interpreted both in plan and elevation, creating an exclusive customer lounge so that people standing could see the bike display on the ground floor.

Interior view

Creating the relationship between spaces, materials and experiential forms, from one to another, almost instinctively fusing and folding to create distinctive futuristic fluid spaces was the main objective. Evoking emotion, showcasing technology, continuing the legacy, and pointing the way for the future of superbikes were the main focus.

A simple, sophisticated palette of glass, asphalt tile, and concrete has been selected to enhance the appeal of the motorcycles, connect to the outside world, and create an open atmosphere using black, grey, white, and Honda Red as the primary colors.

Besides creating a showroom, but also providing excellent customer service and highlighting the technology back by glorious race records, so that customers can enjoy the exhilaration of the ride and the joy of handling.

Designer:-                                                                   Author:-                                              

Ar. Kapil Razdan                                                           Ar. Kritika Juneja