Smart City
Smart City

Article on Book

The book was released on 12th July 2017 at Hotel Eros Nehru Place New Delhi, followed by Brain storming session to discuss the Role of Architects/ Planners in creating Indian Sustainable Smart Cities. Moreover, the focus was to emphasize on the importance of physical planning and the leading role of Architects/ Planners in providing healthy cities of tomorrow.

“Cities are the manifestations of human settlement” A simple statement, yet it forms the core of this attempt towards writing a book essentially based on diverse growth of cities all over the world. If we rewind back to the times when the human race was evolving continuously with knowledge and understanding of functionality, innovations and growth, it can be observed that the curious minds started developing settlements at certain places. The basis of these settlements was planning human spaces, keeping in mind, the different uses, livable needs, safety and security, fear from flooding and wild animals, shelter from sun and rain and diversification of climate. Thus, the book captures the history of settlements, providing an overview of various ages of civilizations which eventually developed into today’s smart cities. While the author has analyzed and studied the various civilizations, it is brought to the readers’ attention that many innovations and technologies provided livable spaces, business opportunities like agriculture and various other trades which made the human living space prospering into small neighborhoods to communities to be eventually developed into large cities and collectively be labeled as a country.