In AWE Interacts with Mr. Jit Kumar Gupta & Ms. Apurva Bose Dutta to Talk about Books




       Talk About Books

Conversation With Jit Kumar Gupta And Apurva Bose Dutta

 After a brief introduction, moderator Dipika Tuteja, Founder In AWE, invited the first panelist, Mr. Jit Kumar Gupta, Founder Director, COA Bhaddal, to share his concept behind the compilation of his first e-book “Making and Unmaking Of Chandigarh- A city Of Two Plans”.

Mr. Gupta talked about the historical perspective of how two plans went behind the final thought of Chandigarh planning by Albert Mayer and finally by Le Corbusier. The city was supposed to be a role model for the upcoming cities where basic amenities like water, drainage and electricity would be available to even the poorest of poor.

He explained how Corbusier conceived it as an extension of the nature and divided the city into self-sufficient sectors of 800m*1200m with a population of 12,000 -25,000 each and a 10 minutes walk to any activity center.

He summed up by telling his approach towards compiling this book and the lessons which we need to learn from Chandigarh as a role model of city planning. He also made us realize the immediate need of sustainable housing and future impact of urbanization.

The second panelist, Apurva Bose Dutta, author and architecture journalist, talked about her book Architecture Voices Of India- The Blend Of Contemporary And Traditional Ethos. The discussion revolved around how she felt the need for the society to understand the importance of writing about architecture. The book in itself celebrates the spirit of 19 illustrious architects of India, along with their works. The book also reflects how architects of India irrespective of their age group, philosophies and societies have a common goal to build for a better society. Lastly the book also peeps into the family life of these architects,  a personal life which has greatly influenced their work culture.

The whole discussion concluded with the fact that architecture needs to be talked about and communicated more with an active collaboration of all the emerging architects of India.

Kritika Juneja, Architect, Founder Arch Valor